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Full Valet

The classic 'Full Valet' is a thorough clean of the entire vehicle, perfect for a freshen up or in preparation to sell your car. 

Excessively soiled cars will not be covered under a Full Valet, please see full day detailed valet.


Pre Wash

pH Neutral Snow Foam Pre Wash

Medium Power Jet Wash


Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner

Soft Bristle Brushes

Wheel Faces & Barrels Cleaned

Tyre Faces Scrubbed

Wheel Arches Jet Washed

Tyres Dressed


Two Bucket Scratch Free Hand Wash

Extra Plush Drying Towels

Iron Fallout & Tar Removed

Choice of Pure Shampoo or Wax Additive



Rubbish Removed

Thorough Vacuum

Compartments Cleaned

Air Vents Dusted

Plastics Sanitised & Cleaned

Plastics Dressed Where Necessary (Non Silicone)

Leather Cleaned

Fabric Seats Scrubbed & Extracted

Mats Shampooed & Extracted

Roof Lining Spot Cleaned

Glass Cleaned

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