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Terms and Conditions

Since 2019 I have worked tirelessly to provide exceptional service and be the leading mobile valeting service in the area. My results speak for themselves, all I ask in return is that you respect my policies & terms of business. In return, I will always deliver what I promise.


DH Valeting is a mobile service which serves at your home or workplace. I provide water and cover for light rain. I will require access to an electric point.


If your interior is heavily soiled with mud, pet hair, mould, vomit or blood, additional charges will apply. If you have any of the above stated please send a couple of photos so that I can provide you with a fair estimate. If not, the price will be negotiated before any work commences on your vehicle.


For insurance reasons, as well as my own safety & vehicle safety, I cannot and will not work on any vehicle which is parked on the main road, or any area where other moving vehicles may come into close contact with myself. Nor can I work in pay & display car parks. If your home or work address does fall under any of the noted locations, please contact me as I’m always willing to help provide alternative solutions.


I cannot control the weather or other “acts of God”. If I do need to rearrange your valet I will try my very hardest for it to be within 14 days of the original booking.


Within 48 hours notice, I will always accept a change of location or vehicle providing it is within my working parameters and falls under my terms and conditions.


Any cancellations on the day of your valet will be charged at 50% of the total cost as I will not be able to arrange any more work that day. An invoice will be posted to the address the valet is due to take place at, failing to pay will result in legal action being taken.


With reading these terms and conditions you therefore agree to my terms of business.

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